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Lets Us Help You Get to the Doctor!

Apr 6, 2015 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

Here at Comfort Keepers, we are ready to assist you with your needs in-home. Take a look at one of our spots and let us help you. Read Article

Caring For The Elderly: Medication Education For Caregivers & Family Members

Mar 27, 2015 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

Generic medications are copies of brand-name medications that have the same dosage, use strength, side effects, safety, risks, and route of administration. Read Article

Tales of Grey

Aug 26, 2014 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

In my career as a care giver and a provider of caregivers to help seniors remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible, I have come across many stories of both aging issues and aging with grace. Read Article

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dec 22, 2010 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

My Christmas memories are an eclectic blend of sights, sounds, tastes, aromas, sensations, emotions, and experiences that span four decades of countless family Christmas’s. Read Article


Mar 24, 2010 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

There are a number of reasons why stay at home seniors like yoga. First, it uses static stretches. That means your elderly parents get into a position and hold it for a time rather than bouncing. Static stretches are safer and result in fewer injuries. We have also found that they work better for increasing flexibility. Read Article

Comfort Keeper Companions and Caregivers for In-Home Senior Care: Dependence vs. Independence

Aug 4, 2009 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

Seniors are living longer and a growing number are choosing to age at home. In-home senior care services allow them to do so safely and confidently, seamlessly adjusting the services seniors receive to match their needs and health at any given time. Read Article

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