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Interactive Caregivers are a Very Important Part Of Healthy Aging with Elderly Senior Citizens

Jul 28, 2009 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

Any Comfort Keeper employee who refers to him or herself as a caregiver is hopefully interacting with the senior they are looking after. From the greeting a companion should try to be upbeat and positive leaving personal burdens at home. Read Article

Take The Time To Understand An Elderly Senior Clients Emotional Framework Toward In Home Assistance

Jul 14, 2009 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

Here at Comfort Keepers we understand that these are scary times for senior citizens. One of the pressures seniors didn't face during the great depression is new demands from their adult children. Read Article

Elderly Communication Between Caregivers And Clients Promotes Healthy Aging and Safety

Jul 7, 2009 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan

When we provide services to our seniors at their homes communication is our first step. Here at Comfort Keepers we stress the importance of honest, respectful and open communication when interacting with our seniors. Read Article

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