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Letter to my body

Jun 6, 2018 by Garrett and Maggie Sullivan


Listen, listen, listen

I need you to hear and understand

You aren’t responding like You used to do

My expectations are clear

I want the freedoms I’ve always enjoyed

I want to walk confidently and at a strong pace

I want to go blocks without a need to stop and sit

I want to Approach a curb or stairs without hesitation

I want to do tasks around the house and in the yard like I used to

I want to get through the day without a long nap

Give me stronger muscles and joints to accomplish this

I need less pain and more resilience 

Help my blood flow and avoid roadblocks in my veins and arteries

Replace pain in my joints with buoyancy and strength 

Give me the mental Mantra that makes me work at strengthening everyday

Give me attitude that picks me up and forces movement 

Give me the steady rhythm of my body and mind

Keep me focused on my goals and make me write those goals

Help keep me interested and involved with family and people 

Help me find joys and excitement in daily life

Reach out and grasp my creative flairs and shower them every where

Help me Be kind, true, loving, helpful, happy, thoughtful, involved, independent, and spiritual

Fix your broken parts and work hard at staying whole 

Listen, listen, listen!!!


By Carol Carbutti

Vet Fran
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