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Meet Our Comfort Keepers®

Our team is uniquely qualified and ready to help 

Every member of our team is professional and well trained. We conduct a thorough screening and interviewing process to identify the best home care providers, and only those who pass this process go on to complete training to deliver our special brand of home care and become Comfort Keepers®. What truly sets our people apart, though, is their natural gift for caring for others. 

All Comfort Keepers pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. They are bonded, insured and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families.

Carol Carbutti

Owner/ General Manager

Carol oversees the smooth running of the various office operations. All office staff report the performance of their tasks on a weekly basis. She runs the financials and completes quarterly financial reports, manages the yearly budgets and creates and manages goals for all operations.

Randi Gaetano

Client Care Coordinator/Inside sales/Bookkeeping

Randi takes inquiry calls from various referral sources and makes home visits to sign up new clients. She coordinates the assignment of caregivers and does the meet-and-greets. Randi also supervises caregivers in the home assignments and performs client reassessments every six months.

Randi helps with payables and receivables and keeps track of A/R aging.

Karan Myers

Human Resources Specialist

In her role as Human Resource Specialist, Karen processes all new applicants, administers all online Relias training, and assists with payroll and invoicing. 

Cindy McMahon


Cindy is in charge of filling the weekly schedules of our caregivers. She communicates often with staff, clients and caregivers in order to confirm assignments. Cindy is our go to person in our office and is very responsive to everyone’s needs.

Kathy Rukstelis


Kathy Rukstelis is a most loving caregiver.  She is patient and kind and is willing to help her clients in any way.  When Kathy is not driving a client to the store or doctor’s appointment or helping them keep their houses in order she can be found in our office helping us.  She is great with our caregivers who stop in or call and she is always willing to go above and beyond for Comfort Keepers and her clients.

Adrieene Burgh


Adrienne Burgh is a caring, loving caregiver who has been with Comfort Keepers for over two years.  Adrienne enjoys doing personal care and keeping her elderly clients homes in order.  Her friendly smile brightens up every home she enters.  

Jocelyn Atkinson


Jocelyn Atkinson has been working for Comfort Keepers for over three years.  Some of her clients haven’t been easy, but she has had no problem in keeping them happy.   She always has a smile on her face and makes the best of every situation.  We are very proud of her and her work at Comfort Keepers. 

Kim Blair


Kim Blair is a worker.  She takes charge of her clients right away making them feel comfortable from the start.  She is kind and treats her clients like family.   Kim is always professional and gives her clients the high quality of care that they deserve.  Her dedication to her clients is endless as she always goes above and beyond what is required of her.    

Mary Clarke


Mary Clarke is a wonderful person to know in any capacity.  As a caregiver she is loved by her clients and their families.  She has been approached while with her clients by others who instantly want to take her home to care for their loved ones.  She is a gentle and kind person with endless compassion who takes her job very seriously putting her client’s needs way in front of her own. 

Pamela Vaspasiano


Pam Diglio-Vaspasiano - For over a year Pam has been working with the same two clients.  She is loving and friendly and her clients love her.    She is a very dedicated caregiver who enjoys seeing her clients every day.  She has a special gift for being an amazing caregiver.     

Sheena Lassiter


Sheena Lassiter is a caregiver that has been with Comfort Keepers for a couple years.   We can always count on Sheena to step up at the last minute to fill in any situation that may arise.  She is a very caring, kind person.  All of Sheena’s clients cannot say enough about her.  Sheena has a very pleasant way of interacting with her clients.

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